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You and your teammates work hard throughout the year and we want to recognize you! By sharing your commitment to do something about MS now with your network, you encourage your contacts to open up their hearts and their wallets and make a real difference in the lives of people living with MS.

Official teams of four or more participants are eligible for awards. All teams from the 13 Colorado and Wyoming Walk sites are considered for these awards. May the best teams win!

Top Fundraising by Division:

We will award first, second, and third place teams in both Friends & Family and Corporate divisions based on the following team sizes:

Division I:       50+ participants
Division II:      16-49 participants
Division III:      4-15 participants

Peak Feet Teams:

Because we recognize that sometimes it’s the quality, not the quantity that makes an impact, any team with an average of $500 or more per team member will receive a Peak Feet Team award.

Highest Donation Average Per Team Member:

Big or small, any team could win this award! It really is about making the biggest impact with the resources you have!

Rookie Team of Year:

You only get one chance at this award – so make it a good one!

Most Improved Corporate Team:

Based on the improvement in the team’s total fundraising and ability to recruit new team members.

Most Improved Friends & Family Team:

Based on the improvement in the team’s total fundraising and ability to recruit new team members.

Most Mission Focused:

This award goes to the team that embodies the mission of the National MS Society year-round.

Most Spirited:

This is when it pays to be outgoing!



Each year, the awards are handed out at our Closer to a Cure Celebration. A true celebration that recognizes all of our official teams and top fundraisers.

Congratulations to all of the 2013 Team Award Recipients!

Thank you to our national sponsors

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